Your HVAC system provides heat and air during the appropriate season, giving comfort throughout the home to everyone inside. However, most people know that the comfort comes at a cost, and one that is sometimes overbearing to a tight budget. If you want to reduce your HVAC bills without depleting your comfort, the four tips below are useful ideas that will help keep costs low.

1.    Schedule regular service for your HVAC unit. Twice per year, professionals inspect and repair damage to your unit, preventing further issues during the season. This service is far less expensive than a repair and reduces many headaches.

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2.    Is it time to replace your unit? The average lifetime of an HVAC unit is 15-20 years so don’t expect anything more.  Older units may not provide superior energy-efficiency as new models will. It may be a wise investment to update the system used for hvac hampton va.

3.    Do you have a programmable thermostat in use? If not, it is time to make this upgrade. Programmable thermostats are energy-efficient and help you create a more comfortable environment for those in your home.

4.    Change the air filters on a regular basis. No matter the type of HVAC unit used, there are filters that get dirty. When they become dirty, the unit works harder to cool the home, and damage the unit. Filters for the HVAC unit are inexpensive and an easy DIY job.

With the tips above used, it is possible to considerably reduce your monthly HVAC expenses by as much as 35%. That is a huge chunk of change left over at the end of each month. It is so simple to keep costs low without depleting comfort. Why not put this information to use and reduce your costs?